Healthcare district awards $1.3 million in grants in 2020-2021 to prioritize East County’s health needs

To further advance the foundations of healthcare in East County, the Grossmont Healthcare District awarded over $1.3 million in grants and sponsorships to local nonprofits and health organizations during the fiscal year of 2020-21. The district since 1996 has supported a variety of local nonprofit health-related organizations through its grant program, looking to address healthcare […]

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Healthcare district will award 44 scholarships to high school students

As published in San Diego Tribune, Spring 2021by Karen Pearlman LA MESA —  Grossmont Healthcare District on Friday will award 44 scholarships to students from 22 East County high schools for the 2020-21 school year. The district is a public agency that supports health-related community programs and services in East County. Its five-member board of directors are set to […]

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Could bacteria buildup on your glasses cause COVID-19?

As published in The East County Californian, February 2021by Michael A. Emerson The best answer is: it’s possible. Viruses are easily transferred to our hands from our surroundings, then to our glasses when we adjust or take them on and off. Those who use eyeglasses to read or drive are all too familiar with how often we […]

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The Growing Need for Rural Health Care Providers

As a leader in the rural and low-income community, San Ysidro Health is an innovative, dynamic health organization committed to providing services to all who need them. Originally established along the border in 1969, the organization was founded by seven women in search of medical services for their children.  Fifty years later, San Ysidro Health […]

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COVID-19 Community Updates

COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in San Diego County. They are being distributed in phases. The County is working to establish multiple vaccination sites and is partnering with other healthcare facilities to complete COVID-19 vaccinations.


Free Online Health Resources

Our Dr. William C. Herrick Community Health Care Library provides a wide array of online health resources available to the general public promoting overall health and awareness. A broad range of events and activities are also available, including virtual webinars and crafts for families and children.


Local Clinics and Health Centers

Residents of the Grossmont Healthcare District can save time and money by going to a community clinic or urgent care when a hospital emergency room is not needed. The following list of clinics and urgent care services are located within District boundaries, and support our residents in accessing suitable and affordable care.


Annual Report 2020

Best said by our CEO Barry Jantz, last year our mission “was challenged more than ever… as we aimed to remove barriers and create opportunities for residents and local health organizations in the time of a public health crisis.” We are proud to present to you our annual report, showcasing what we have done to serve you, our East County residents, the reason for our mission.


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