What is a healthcare district?

Healthcare districts are special districts designed for responsiveness to local needs. They are public entities that provide community-based healthcare services to residents in defined geographical areas throughout the state, according to the Association of California Healthcare Districts.

California currently has 76 healthcare districts, each governed by a locally elected Board of Trustees who are directly accountable to the communities they serve. Of these healthcare districts, 50 support rural locations where access to healthcare is limited.

The Grossmont Healthcare District falls into this category extending its support across 750 square miles of the East San Diego County region. There are four of these special districts in the Greater San Diego area: Fallbrook Regional Health District, Palomar Health, Tri-City Healthcare District, and the Grossmont Healthcare District.

For more information about Healthcare Districts, visit:
California Special Districts Association (CSDA)
Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD)

Does the District have a publicly elected Board of Directors or Board of Trustees?

The Grossmont Healthcare District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, elected at large to four-year terms. They represent more than 500,000 people that reside in the District’s 750-square-mile radius. They act on local healthcare initiatives and their monthly Board Meetings are open to the public. Learn more about the Board here.

Do I live within the Grossmont Healthcare District boundaries?

The Grossmont Healthcare District represents more than 500,000 East County residents. Its boundaries cover a large geographic area extending from La Mesa to Mountain Empire and from Campo to Santee, covering more than 750 square miles. It includes the following communities: Alpine, El Cajon, Harbinson-Crest, Jamul, La Mesa, Laguna-Pine Valley, Lakeside, Lemon Grove, Mountain Empire, Santee, and Spring Valley – representing both urban and rural neighborhoods. Click to see if you live within the District.

Why do I pay property taxes to the District?

The Grossmont Healthcare District was established to support the unmet healthcare needs of the region. We act on local initiatives that benefit the health and wellness of more than 500,000 residents. We operate a Health & Wellness Library free to those that live, work, or have a healthcare connection to East County. We provide grants and sponsorships to local nonprofits in alignment with our community health priority needs. We support future generations through healthcare career scholarships. And we offer wellness programs to the community.

Additionally, in 2006, District voters passed Proposition G, which authorized the sale of $247 million in General Obligation Bonds to be used for improvements at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. The bonds are being paid through property taxes on property owners within the District boundaries.

What is the District’s connection to Sharp Grossmont Hospital?

The Grossmont Healthcare District is located behind Sharp Grossmont Hospital and across from Sharp’s Senior Resource Center. While Sharp and the District will often collaborate on projects for the region and utilize the District’s space for their programs, the two entities operate separately with their own leadership teams and organizational rules. Sharp HealthCare is responsible for all its daily business activity and maintenance.

The District does however serve as the hospital’s official landlord, on behalf of the residents of East County, providing oversight through audits and inspections. Click here to learn more about the partnership.

Which entity is paying for improvements to Sharp Grossmont Hospital?

Under the 30-year lease agreement, Sharp HealthCare is responsible for funding all ongoing maintenance and repairs to the Sharp Grossmont Hospital, including all seismic requirements.

In 2006, District voters passed Proposition G, which authorized the sale of $247 million in General Obligation Bonds funded by constituent property taxes to be used for specific improvements at the hospital.

What entity owns Sharp Grossmont Hospital?

On behalf of the people living within its boundaries, the Grossmont Healthcare District owns Sharp Grossmont Hospital through a lease agreement. However, Sharp HealthCare manages the hospital’s daily operations and maintenance.

If I have a compliment or concern with services at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, who do I contact?

Compliments and concerns with the hospital should be directed to Ryan Purdy, Manager of Community Relations at (619) 740-4406 or ryan.purdy@sharp.com.