The Grossmont Healthcare District encourages future generations to consider the healthcare industry when making their career decisions. Senior class advisors/counselors from private, charter and public high schools in East County are notified and able to nominate senior students planning to pursue healthcare careers at the college level.

Each eligible high school is allowed to nominate two seniors in the amount of $3,000 (1st place) and $1,650 (2nd place).


  1. Private, charter and public schools in East County with at least 10 graduating seniors for the current year are eligible to participate.
  2. Nominees shall be selected from among June 2023 graduates residing within the Grossmont Healthcare District.
  3. Nominations will be submitted to GHD no later than Friday, February 3rd, 2022, by their advisor/counselor.
  4. Each school may nominate two students a “primary” recipient and a “secondary” recipient considered for the cash awards listed above. Nominees shall be selected from among students planning to pursue healthcare careers at the college level. The nominating authority may accept at face value the student’s assertion that he/she intends to pursue a healthcare career. The term “healthcare career” shall be broadly interpreted to include not only the healing arts but also those non-traditional careers recognized by the State of California for which citizens may legally seek assistance for illness, injury, or disease.
  5. Nominees shall have earned, as of the completion of the first semester of their senior year, no less than a 3.0 cumulative grade point average based on a scale of 4.0 as grade “A”.
  6. Economic need is not a criterion for the award. However, the nominating authority may, at his/her sole discretion, use “economic disadvantage” as a “tiebreaker”. The nomination authority may also use it as a “tiebreaker” consideration for those students not receiving an award from any other scholarship program.
  7. Nominations shall be considered according to applicable Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination laws. All eligible students shall be fairly considered.
  8. The school shall agree to make the availability of these scholarships known to all eligible students.
  9. Nominees will be asked to participate in a public ceremony held at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors on Friday, March 17th, 2023 at which nominees will be recognized. We ask that students arrive no later than 7:15 AM to receive their certificates and have their photos taken with the Board.
  10. Students must provide the Grossmont Healthcare District with contact information and agree to be surveyed about their professional status at any point in their school year and up to one year after. The information will be used to determine the effectiveness of the scholarship program.
  11. Initial payment will be awarded to students upon proof of successful completion of:
    a) One semester of college classes – completed following graduation from high school – with a minimum of 9 units and no less than a 2.5 grade point average
    b) OR A certificate program at the Grossmont Health Occupations Center.
  12. Students have up to their second semester after graduating from high school to claim their initial scholarship money or they will forfeit their scholarship. Student needs to submit a copy of their transcript along with their name and address to the District for processing of payment by June 30th, 2024.
  13. The additional (or subsequent) money will be disbursed within 18 months of receiving the initial money upon demonstrating a school transcript that the student has received a “B” grade or better in one of the following healthcare classes: Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Statistics, Botany

2021-2022 Winners

Thank you to everyone who joined the March 18th, 2022 board meeting to celebrate these high school health career scholarship winners! We are excited to share photos of each graduate/winner that was able to join our ceremony.

Please feel free to download photos for private or public use.

GHD appropriated scholarship funds to be awarded to graduates of high schools within the boundaries of the District during the school year 2021-22. Listed are the following award recipients:

SchoolPrimary AwardWinner NameSecondary AwardWinner Name
Christian Unified High$3,300Lily Griffing$1,650Allie Buchman
Diego Valley Charter$3,300Salinas Hermez$1,650Aleksa Medina
El Cajon Valley$3,300Steela Marooki$1,650Masar Shakir
El Capitan$3,300Sophia Morton$1,650Jackson Crist
Foothills Christian High$3,300Zoe Meldrum$1,650Micah Concepcion
Granite Hills$3,300Gwendolyn McLaughlin$1,650Grace Gosnell
Grossmont$3,300Emily Rivas$1,650Jessie Kim
Grossmont Middle College$3,300Tatyana Ali$1,650Joy Hamama
Helix Charter$3,300Amya Matthewson$1,650Claire Tran
IDEA Center High$3,300Vianney Cuevas$1,650Jullinda Jameson
Innovation High (Lakeside)$3,300Kylie Glass$1,650Elizabeth Pena Renteria
Innovation High (Lemon Grove)$3,300Isabella Russell$1,650 Melissa Vazquez
Liberty Charter High$3,300Bethany Mapes$1,650 Sierra Battah
Monte Vista$3,300Diego Mendoza$1,650 Yerlin (Annika) Everson
Mount Miguel$3,300Valerie Portillo Suarez$1,650Kayla Petersen
Mountain Empire$3,300Rose Johnson$1,650Mariyah Weldy
Patrick Henry$3,300Lauren Schalik$1,650Jamie Mittleman
River Valley Charter School$3,300Phoebe Chaffee$1,650Rebecca Hofheinz
Santana$3,300Fabyanna Zora$1,650Estabraq Al Khalaf
Steele Canyon Charter$3,300Rita Kamal$1,650Amiya German
Valhalla$3,300Carl Purisima$1,650Mora Azimi
West Hills$3,300Jacob Rhodes$1,650Isabella Cervantes