2023-2024 Scholarships

The District is an active supporter of healthcare education and training for the benefit of future generations. Each year, a portion of the District’s grants and sponsorships overall budget is allocated to local post-secondary and high school students. If you currently live, work, or have recently attended school within the District boundaries (see map here), you may be eligible to apply for our scholarships. Applicants must only apply to one program in a given year and can only be awarded once. Please read our full policy here to learn more: FY 23-24 Scholarships Policy.

The next application cycle is December 1, 2023 – February 2, 2024.

Post-Secondary Scholarships

Our scholarships help support post-secondary students pursuing higher education in healthcare and are available to students that currently live, work, or have recently attended school in East County. Click the scholarships below to learn what criteria we require to apply.

High School Scholarships

Past Scholarship News

Grossmont Healthcare District Awards Health Career Scholarships

To foster growth in the healthcare field, the scholarship program’s purpose is to remove financial barriers in education and professional development. With opportunities offered to local students and professionals working in or entering the healthcare field within GHD boundaries, the District recognizes the impact it can have on meeting the demands of a diverse, local healthcare workforce.