Annual Report 2021

Letter from the CEO

“It is my first year as the Chief Executive Officer, and I am fortunate to have joined a dedicated, results-driven team which worked hard last year to serve East County despite the ongoing pandemic.”

Christian Wallis,
CEO of Grossmont Healthcare District


Christian Wallis, CEO of Grossmont Healthcare District

Your Healthcare District at a Glance

Each of the five members of the GHD Board of Directors are elected by voters in the zone they represent:

Zone 1: Virginia Hall, RN
Zone 2: Randy Lenac
Zone 3: Michael Emerson, RDO, FNAO
Zone 4: Gloria Chadwick, RN
Zone 5: Robert “Bob” Ayres

Service Area: 750 Sq. Miles

Total Population: 509,560

Population by Zone

Zone 1: 111,363
Zone 2: 101,474
Zone 3: 102,105
Zone 4: 101,702
Zone 5: 102,916

Age Breakdown

0-4 | 6.9%
5-14 | 12.2%
25-44 | 28.4%
45-64 | 25.5%
65+ | 14.5%


White | 57%
Hispanic | 26.9%
Black | 5.9%
Asian | 5.0%
NHPI* | 0.5%
AIAN* | 0.5%
Other* | 4.1%

*NHPI refers Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; AIAN refers to American Indian/ Alaskan Natives; Other includes 2 or more races

The Future of Nursing in My Community, Robert Willis, Richard J Bea Nursing Scholarship Winner

“The successful future of nursing will be a community effort. As scientists do their part to develop treatments, and care providers implement these new tools, communities must also rise to action and support nursing. The COVID battle can be won, but the future of nursing is in the hands of the many to empower the courageous few.”

Robert Willis, Richard J Bea Nursing Scholarship Winner

Connecting Families to Wellness

In preparation for an academic year where many local school districts were easing back into in-person learning during COVID-19, we launched our ‘Family End of Summer Palooza,’ a back-to-school fair providing resources for local young families. Held at Briercrest Park, the Palooza featured partners that directly serve East County residents, fostering a community space for free health education and services.

Welcoming the Community Back in Person

Even while our Library doors were closed, we remained an accessible resource to those seeking reliable health information.

As we safely reopened our library space to the public, we debuted our Gratitude Tree mural. Displayed in our children’s nook, the mural engages all ages and strives to improve emotional and mental well-being.

Welcoming the Community Back in Person

In collaboration with Sharp HealthCare’s Community Health Library, librarian Joanna Ritchie led a story-time during our End of Summer Palooza. Also joined by dogs from Love on a Leash, combining our partner’s strengths enables us to create brighter futures and engaging spaces for the children and families we serve.

The Future of the District

Another major milestone of this past year was the establishment of a new 3-year agencywide Strategic Plan. Resulting from a collective effort among agency staff, board of directors, and the public, the plan offers a road map for fulfilling our mission in the near future. With pillars focused on community health and wellness, our hospital partnership, and chronic disease prevention, this path forward brings diverse perspectives together to reflect on what it means to be healthy during the times in which we live.


Fiscal Future

  • In late 2021, the GHD Board of Directors authorized staff to initiate efforts that will save taxpayers millions of dollars in the years to come. These include:
  • Refinancing $14.4 million of outstanding bonds originally issued in 2011 to finance improvements to Grossmont Hospital. Because these bonds were reissued at a lower rate of interest, the District is saving its taxpayers $4.4 million.
  • Establishing a contract with a reputable professional investment firm to manage a more diverse portfolio of investments, and earn a much greater return that can be reinvested in programs to maintain and improve the physical and behavioral health of our community.


At the end of the year, the District also received $47,117 in COVID-19 relief funding by the State Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom in the 2021-2022 State Budget. This funding has been used to assist in the distribution of free COVID-19 at-home test kits for the community in early 2022.

The Entire Annual Report