Don’t ignore stroke symptoms

Letter to the editor published by East County Californian, July 10, 2020
By Scott Evans, CEO, Sharp Grossmont Hospital and Barry M. Jantz, CEO Grossmont Healthcare District

It was after a 10,000-mile return flight from Africa, when Lakeside resident and celebrity wildlife conservationist Joan Embery arrived at Sharp Grossmont Hospital’s emergency department. She was on safari with her husband Duane Pillsbury when her face began to droop. Medics abroad diagnosed her with Bell’s palsy. She hoped it would just “go away,” but instead symptoms got worse and she collapsed at home, bringing husband and wife to our front door.

Sharp Grossmont sees the highest volume of stroke cases in San Diego County. Although the number of strokes have not decreased in these last couple of months, what has been concerning is that many of those coming to us with stroke symptoms are doing so only once symptoms have worsened. Read more…