The Gap Minders interview CEO for a conversation about healthcare challenges and solutions

The Gap Minders is a show about tackling gaps and lifting lives. The podcast is hosted by leaders from the United Way of San Diego County and the San Diego Council on Literacy. Our CEO Christian Wallis made a guest appearance on Episode 36 of the podcast to have an important conversation about healthcare challenges and solutions for the people living within the Grossmont Healthcare District.

Here are some takeaways from the interview:

  • The importance of the working relationship between his lean organization and the many community partners in delivering services
  • A discussion on the social determinants of healthcare outcomes
  • Excellent leadership advice from his military experience
  • The trade-offs being made by many citizens when it comes to accessing and paying for healthcare, whether it is insurance through work, deductible levels, premiums, and various other competing needs
  • The answers to the Rapid Fire questions!

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