Insights from Our First Community Grants Program Workshop

Last month, Grossmont Healthcare District (GHD) kicked off its 2018-19 Community Grants Program for the benefit of community health care organizations serving the needs of local residents.

Since 1996 when the program was established, the District has awarded over $52 million in grants and sponsorships. Those public monies have supported community based nonprofit organizations and Grossmont Hospital.

In June 2018, the Grossmont Healthcare District hosted its inaugural workshop to review our Community Grants Policy for Fiscal Year 18-19, meet potential grantees, and go over questions about our process.

The hour-long workshop was well attended, and GHD Board of Directors and staff were pleased to hear questions from some new organizations as well as previous grantees. Barry Jantz, District CEO, guided attendees through the policy to break down some of the language about grants, sponsorships, and budgeting. He also encouraged potential grantees that have similar missions or services to consider submitting a proposal in partnership to increase chances of receiving a grant. Mr. Jantz and the board members attending reminded attendees that proposals that are submitted early in the grants cycle (which began July 1, 2018) may have increased chances of receiving an award.

What’s Next?

After the workshop, GHD staff surveyed attendees anonymously to gather thoughts on how to improve outreach to potential grantees in coming years. Nearly half of the workshop’s 50 attendees responded, and of those who answered, 90 percent found the workshop somewhat helpful or very helpful, and 100 percent reported that the information was presented clearly. Three quarters of respondents said they’d consider submitting a proposal demonstrating collaboration with like providers of service, but additional feedback indicated that the District should assist with helping organizations connect with one another.

Additional thoughts from attendees included a request for more time to be spent on the budget forms, examples of successful grant applications, and more time for Q&A.

District staff members are working together to create and share more information about our Community Grants Program online, and in 2019 will offer an online application process. For more information on this year’s Community Grants Program and Policy, review this year’s announcements and FAQ article.