Grossmont Healthcare District Prepares to Offer 2018-2019 Community Grants Program

GHD Board of Directors presenting check to Volunteers in Medicine-San Diego, a FY2016-17 grant recipient

The Grossmont Healthcare District (GHD) is preparing to offer its 2018-2019 Community Grants Program for the benefit of community health care organizations serving the needs of local residents.

Since 1996 when the program was established, the District has awarded over $52 million in grants and sponsorships. Those public monies have supported community based nonprofit organizations and Grossmont Hospital.

This month, the District Board of Directors will consider adopting a $2.3 million budget to assist community health care partners for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, which begins on July 1, 2018. To help organizations determine eligibility and prepare for this year’s grants cycle, below are some of the frequently asked questions GHD staff receive from community partners about the Community Grants Program.

What kind of programs may be funded by the District?

As a public agency, GHD receives property tax revenues, a portion of which are distributed to a variety of community programs and services based in the East Region through sponsorships and grants. About half of this allocation is provided to local nonprofit, health-related organizations. The other half goes to enhance services at Grossmont Hospital.

Due to the uncertainty of today’s healthcare system and the potential impacts on funding to local non-profit organizations, the GHD Board may place a more significant emphasis on the award of grant programs involved in direct, hands-on patient care, or based on identified needs included in regional community health needs assessments.

The District is also an active supporter of healthcare education and training for the benefit of future generations. Each year, a portion of the overall grants and sponsorships budget is allocated for scholarship programs offered to local high school and college students living or attending school within GHD boundaries.

A list of organizations that have recently received GHD funding is available for review on page 7 in our Public Information Handbook.

How does the District’s Community Grants Program benefit Grossmont Hospital?

District funds supporting hospital services have been used to purchase of an array of needed, state-of-the-art medical equipment, make improvements to the physical plant, and have been matched by federal funds to support Medi-Cal services.

Does GHD fund organizations outside of San Diego’s East Region?

Although the grants program intends to serve GHD residents exclusively, regional organizations have a significant presence within the District and make vital contributions to the health of residents within our boundaries. Accordingly, organizations providing services extending beyond GHD boundaries are eligible for funds upon demonstrating that District residents will be proportionately served.

When may my organization apply for a 2018-2019 grant or sponsorship from the Grossmont Healthcare District?

Grant and sponsorship applications for the fiscal year may be submitted only through December 31, 2018, although grant awards may be considered by the Board of Directors through the balance of the fiscal year (ending June 30, 2019). Applications received January 1, 2019, and later will not be considered unless approved by a four-fifths supermajority of the District Board members.

Does GHD support events through its grants and sponsorships?

Yes, in some cases. Organizations requesting the District to sponsor a charitable event should refer to our current Grants Policy for instructions on specific application materials needed for review. The request should clearly indicate the amount requested, the sponsorship opportunity levels, and how the event will benefit a community health care program that provides services in the District.

May two or more organizations submit a grant application in partnership?

Yes. Priority consideration may be given to those proposals that demonstrate a collaboration of like providers of service. The grant application (and resulting quarterly grant reports, if awarded) must illustrate how an organization’s innovations, provision of patient service improvements and/or operational improvements are proposed to contribute toward fulfilling the District mission. Examples of collaboration are included in our current Grants Policy.

May my organization apply for funding again in future years if it has already received funding from the Grossmont Healthcare District?

Yes. Eligible recipients of major grants or sponsorships (defined as $25,000 or greater) in a prior fiscal year shall be eligible for funding of no more than 100 percent of their FY 2016-17 or FY 2017-18 grant and/or sponsorship total, whichever is highest.

My organization applied for funding in the past and the proposal was declined. May I reapply in future years?


Read our current Grants Policy to learn more about GHD grant and sponsorship opportunities.

If you believe you have a grant or sponsorship request that meets the District Grants Policy criteria, contact us for a grant application, or join us on Tuesday, June 19 from 4p.m. to 5p.m. at the GHD Conference Center on 9001 Wakarusa Street, La Mesa, CA 91942 for a Q & A Forum with District CEO Barry Jantz.