Grossmont Healthcare District elects 2018 board officers

The Grossmont Healthcare District (GHD) recently reelected its 2017 board officers to serve in the same roles for 2018.

Michael Emerson was reelected as board president, Gloria Chadwick as vice president, and Virginia Hall as secretary. In addition, board member Robert “Bob” Ayres was selected again by Emerson to serve as board treasurer. Also serving on the five-member board is Randy Lenac.

“I’m very honored and gratified for the opportunity to serve a second consecutive year as board president,” said Emerson. “Our board works very well together and I’m glad my board colleagues will retain their same roles in 2018. Every constituent can feel confident that this board is committed and dedicated to our role of addressing unmet healthcare needs and supporting the community to the greatest extent possible with the available resources.”

Emerson, a registered dispensing optician (RDO) who joined the GHD board in 2008, also serves on the board of the Grossmont Hospital Corporation (GHC), the legal entity for the hospital lease agreement between Sharp HealthCare and GHD.

Chadwick, a retired psychiatric nurse, has served on the GHD board since 1998, when she became the first woman elected to the board in 22 years. In 2000, she became the first woman in GHD history to serve as board president. The Dehesa Valley resident has been reelected to the GHD board four times.

Hall, a retired registered nurse, was elected to the GHD board in November 2016. She worked in healthcare from 1973 to 2004, including at several hospital emergency rooms, clinics and research facilities. Since 2004, Hall has worked in real estate and has been active in the Santee community, serving as 2016 president of the Santee Chamber of Commerce. Her husband Ronn has served as a member of the Santee City Council since 2014.

Ayres, a retired banking executive with more than 50 years of experience in both public and private-sector banking and construction financing and management, joined the GHD board in September 2010. The El Cajon resident has been twice elected to four-year terms, in 2012 and 2016.

Lenac, a resident of Campo, was appointed to the GHD board in July 2014 and elected to a four-year term in November of that year. Since 2011, Lenac, a retired Marine, has served on the board of the Grossmont Hospital Corporation. He also represents GHD on the board of the Association of California Healthcare Districts, a statewide organization representing healthcare districts.

For more information on the current GHD Board of Directors, read their bios here.