Creating Health Career Pathways for Local Students

The Grossmont Healthcare District (GHD) supports health-related programming in San Diego’s East Region, including equitable healthcare workforce development. Students thinking about a career in health may benefit from our partnerships with Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD), Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD), and other community partners to expand health career and education opportunities for local residents.

Health Career Pathway Initiative

The GHD Health Career Pathway Initiative consists of partnerships between East County San Diego High Schools within GHD and the Healthcare Industry. Launched in 2002, the goals of the Health Career Pathway Initiative are to better prepare students looking to enter into health and medical post-secondary programs, increase awareness of health careers, and provide real-world relevant experiences in healthcare and public health.

Students at eight area schools, including El Cajon Valley, El Capitan, Granite Hills, Monte Vista, Mount Miguel, Santana, West Hills and Valhalla, will be enrolled this current school year in science classes offering special instruction relating to healthcare careers, including medical biology, medical chemistry and medical anatomy and physiology. These students also will have internship opportunities available at local hospitals and medical facilities.

“Collaboration is critical in the training of future healthcare industry leaders,” said Tim Glover, GUHSD superintendent. “We are grateful for the unwavering support over the years from the Grossmont Healthcare District on behalf of our students who benefit from individualized attention and an excellent education as they study the available options for a career in the rewarding field of healthcare.”

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Healthcare Exploration Summer Institute

GHD also supports the Healthcare Exploration Summer Institute (HESI) program, operated by GUHSD. This program is geared for juniors and seniors planning a career in healthcare. Teacher recommendations are required for acceptance, and most HESI students are already enrolled in their school’s Health Career Pathways.

For up to eight hours every weekday, the HESI students rotate through about 14 different Sharp Grossmont Hospital departments as part of their internship. Since the HESI program began in 2004, more than 200 students have participated.

We recently hosted a graduation ceremony for about 20 high school students who spent the month of July interning at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa as part of GUHSD’s 2018 program. The ceremonies featured the students presenting about their experiences at the hospital.

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GHD Scholarship Programs

The Grossmont Healthcare District also offers several scholarship programs in support of healthcare education and training for the benefit of future generations. Each year, a portion of the overall grants and sponsorships budget is allocated for scholarship programs offered to local high school and college students living or attending school within GHD boundaries.

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I Inspire Nursing Program

The I Inspire program is an emerging community-based program designed to educate local area (La Mesa, El Cajon) high school students about the field of nursing. Offered by Sharp Grossmont Hospital in partnership with local nonprofit License to Freedom, the I Inspire mission is to increase high school students’ readiness to attend nursing school and enter the field of nursing.

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