2018 Healthcare Hero Spotlight: Dee Davis

Dee Davis, Center for Community Solutions volunteer

Dee Davis is a volunteer for Center for Community Solutions (CCS). The mission of CCS is to end relationship and sexual violence by being a catalyst for caring communities and social justice. Dee has been a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) volunteer for CCS since October 2013.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, Dee will travel from her home in Alpine to various medical facilities located in various areas of the county where forensic exams are underway with survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence. In a private exam room, accompanied by healthcare personnel, Dee provides emotional support, counseling, advocacy and referrals to community resources to those who may be experiencing the worst day in their lives.

“I introduce myself to the survivor and explain that I’m there to help. The person often feels as if they have lost control over their lives, and our job is help restore their control and dignity,” said Dee. “We help the survivor understand that they still have a choice to respond to questions, whether no, yes, or not now. We all know people who have been assaulted and then silenced by guilt, shame and society.

CCS representatives say that Dee is respectful, calm, supportive, without judgment and a great listener. They said Dee adapts to each person’s needs and knows how to set limits and healthy boundaries. A survivor described Dee to CCS representatives: “Although I was very tired and out of it, her vibe was very warm and understanding. She was naturally friendly.”

When she’s not volunteering her time, Dee operates her own construction consulting company, Davis Consulting California. A San Diego native, Dee grew up in the North County and graduated from Orange Glen High School in Escondido, inspired to volunteer at a young age. “A high school friend’s mom also was a SART volunteer. When I talked to her back then, I decided that, if given the opportunity, I would do the same thing later on in life,” said Dee. “After raising our four children, I decided it was time.”

Grossmont Healthcare District holds an annual awards event to recognize front-line volunteer caregivers and other individuals like Dee who improve health and quality of life for East Region residents. Nominated by their peers, honorees are considered as true unsung heroes of healthcare whose day-in and day-out work might not otherwise be celebrated. For more information on criteria, nomination deadlines, and more, visit our Healthcare Heroes special events page.