High School Health Career Scholarship

High School Health Career Scholarship

The Grossmont Healthcare District (GHD) wishes to encourage young people to consider the health care industry when making their career choices. Accordingly, the Board of Directors voted to continue this scholarship program for FY 2018-2019.

GHD allocated scholarship funds to be awarded to graduates of high schools within the boundaries of the District during school year 2018-2019:

School Primary Award Secondary Award
Christian Unified High $3,000 $1,500
Diego Valley Charter $3,000 $1,500
El Cajon Valley $3,000 $1,500
El Capitan $3,000 $1,500
Foothills Christian High $3,000 $1,500
Granite Hills $3,000 $1,500
Grossmont $3,000 $1,500
Grossmont Middle College $3,000 $1,500
Helix Charter $3,000 $1,500
IDEA Center High $3,000 $1,500
Liberty Charter High $3,000 $1,500
Monte Vista $3,000 $1,500
Mount Miguel $3,000 $1,500
Mountain Empire $3,000 $1,500
Patrick Henry $3,000 $1,500
River Valley Charter School $3,000 $1,500
Santana $3,000 $1,500
Steele Canyon Charter $3,000 $1,500
Valhalla $3,000 $1,500
West Hills $3,000 $1,500

The criteria adopted by the Board (FY2018-2019):

  1. Private and charter Schools with at least 10 graduating seniors for the current year are eligible.
  2. Nominees shall be selected from among June 2019 graduates residing within the Grossmont Healthcare District.
  3. Nominations will be submitted to the GHD Board by school authorities no later than Friday, January 25, 2019. The Senior Class Advisor/Counselor will ordinarily be the nominating authority.
  4. Each school may nominate a “primary” recipient and a “secondary” recipient, each of whom shall be considered for the cash awards listed above. Nominees shall be selected from among students planning to pursue health care careers at the college level. The nominating authority may accept at face value the student’s assertion that he/she intends to pursue a health care career. The term “health care career” shall be broadly interpreted to include not only the healing arts, but also those non-traditional careers recognized by the State of California for which citizens may legally seek assistance for illness, injury or disease.
  5. Nominees shall have earned, as of the completion of the first semester of their Senior Year, not less than a 3.0 cumulative grade point average based on a scale of 4.0 as grade “A”.
  6. Nominees shall be selected from among students not otherwise receiving a cash scholarship from any source recognized by the school.
  7. Economic need is not a criterion for award. However, the nominating authority may, at his/her sole discretion, use “economic disadvantage” as a “tiebreaker.”
  8. Nominations shall be considered according to applicable Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination laws. All eligible students shall be fairly considered.
  9. The school shall agree to make the availability of these scholarships known to all eligible students.
  10. Nominees may be asked to participate in a public ceremony at which the nominees will be recognized.
  11. Monies will be awarded to students upon proof of successful completion of one semester of college classes, with a minimum of 9 units and no less than a 2.0 grade point average. At that time they need to submit a copy of their transcript along with their name and address for processing of payment to the District.he

The 2018-2019 scholarship winners will recognized at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors on Friday, March 15, 2019. Click here to view a list of last year’s winners.