Standing Committees

The Grossmont Healthcare District Board of Directors are appointed annually to serve on standing committees, which meet periodically to review reports from staff, legal counsel, and consultants relating to the particular subject matter of the committee. The following standing committees are outlined in District bylaws and meet on a regular basis:

  • Community Grants and Sponsorships. Responsible for reviewing award of financial assistance to nonprofit, health-related organizations.
  • Facilities. Responsible for periodic inspection of District owned facilities and review of real estate matters.
  • Finance/Audit. Responsible for review of budgetary and financial matters related to the District including the annual audit.
  • General Obligation Bond.¬†Responsible for reviewing allocation of bond proceeds and coordinate with Independent Bond Oversight Committee, including monitoring use of bond proceeds.
  • Government & Legislative Relations.¬†Responsible for monitoring legislation; developing cooperative relationships and partnership opportunities with other government entities within the District.
  • Investment. Responsible for review of District investments and appraisal of market conditions relating to investment of funds.
  • Legal/Strategic & Risk Management.¬†This committee monitors legal matters which affect Grossmont Hospital and the District, as well as monitors and makes recommendations regarding the status of the District’s Strategic & Risk Management Plan.
  • Library Operations. Responsible for reviewing operations of District’s consumer health information library (Herrick Library); Library Director to provide quarterly reports to the Board.
  • Policies and Procedures. This committee reviews and updates the District Bylaws and Policies & Procedures.
  • Public Relations & Outreach. Responsible for organizing and promoting health oriented activities, including health fairs and other community functions.

Special Committees

Special committees may be appointed by the President for special tasks as circumstances warrant, and upon completion of the task for which appointed such special committee shall stand discharged.